December 6, 2022, The Lab is successful in recent two Australian Research Council Discovery Projects applications: "New carbon phases synthesized under extreme conditions", Prof Jodie Bradby, Dr Xianjue Chen, A/Prof Nigel Marks, Prof Patrick Kluth, A/Prof Maik Lang, Prof Christina Trautmann; "Diamane: A New Frontier in Materials Science", Dr Xianjue Chen, A/Prof Luhua Li, Dr Lachlan Rogers, Prof Marc Dubois.

November 7, 2022, Big congratulations to Dan Villamanca and Angus Munday on being offered the competitive University of Newcastle Summer Scholarships for pursuing research during the summer break!

November 3, 2022, Congratulations to Dan Villamanca on being awarded the highly prestigious Amgen Scholarship for exploring his research interests and expand skills, for a career in scientific research! Well done Dan!

June 16, 2022, The Artificial Materials Lab website is online!