Book Chapter


Interfacial self-assembly processes 

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Modification of the interlayer coupling and chemical reactivity of multilayer graphene through wrinkle engineering 

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Preparation and applications of fluorinated graphene 

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Cation-modified graphene oxide membranes for water permeation 

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Calixarene-mediated assembly of water-soluble C60-attached ultrathin graphite hybrids for efficient activation of reactive oxygen species to treat neuroblastoma cells 

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Shock exfoliation of graphene fluoride in microwave 

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Large area single crystal AB-bilayer and ABA-trilayer graphene grown on a Cu/Ni(111) foil 

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Efficient oxygen evolution and gas bubble release achieved by a low gas bubble adhesive iron–nickel vanadate electrocatalyst 

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Ultrahigh areal capacity hydrogen-ion batteries with MoO3 loading over 90 mg cm-2 

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Tuning the surface energy density of non-stoichiometric LaCoO3 perovskite for enhanced water oxidation 

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Wrinkle networks in exfoliated multilayer graphene and other layered materials 

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(N, B) Dual heteroatom-doped hierarchical porous carbon framework for efficient electroreduction of carbon dioxide 

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Vertical growth of porous perovskite nanoarrays on nickel foam for efficient oxygen evolution reaction 

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Microwave-induced plasma synthesis of defect-rich, highly ordered porous phosphorus-doped cobalt oxides for overall water electrolysis 

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p-Phosphonic acid calix[8]arene mediated synthesis of ultralarge, ultrathin, single-crystal gold nanoplatelets 

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Dual-responsive, methotrexate-loaded, ascorbic acid-derived micelles exert anti-tumor and anti-metastatic effects by inhibiting NF-kB signaling in an orthotopic mouse model of human choriocarcinoma 

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Synergistic bimetallic CoFe2O4 clusters supported on graphene for ambient electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen to ammonia 

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Nanostructured amalgams with tuneable silver-mercury bonding sites for selective electroreduction of carbon dioxide into formate and carbon monoxide 

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High valence chromium regulated cobalt-iron-hydroxide for enhanced water oxidation 

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Ni2P@carbon core-shell nanorod array derived from ZIF-67-Ni: Effect of phosphorization temperature on morphology, structure and hydrogen evolution reaction performance

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Self-supported NiSe2 nanowire arrays on carbon fiber paper as efficient and stable electrode for hydrogen evolution reaction 

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Ultrafast aqueous potassium-ion batteries cathode for stable intermittent grid-scale energy storage 

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Graphitization of graphene oxide films under pressure 

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Role of graphene in water-assisted oxidation of copper in relation to dry transfer of graphene 

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Interaction of black phosphorus with oxygen and water 

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